Alongside my counselling practice, I offer supervision services for those working in the counselling and support fields.  I hold a Masters in Counselling and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision from the University of Waikato which guide my Supervision practice.  I specialise in offering supervision to those working in school/educational settings.

I see supervision as a safe space that we create together, where we can explore the specifics of your work in the counselling room and the impact this has on your professional and personal lives. I believe that the way we speak about our practice and the ethics that inform this speaking go a long way to not only describe our work in the counselling room, but also help to shape us as practitioners and to shape the way we practice.

Due to this, I see supervision as a place where you can speak the stories of the way you ‘do’ counselling and together we can explore and thicken these as we talk. It also speaks to how we can link these stories to ethics and what this means for both you as a practitioner and for those you are supporting in counselling.

The supervision that we will engage in together will position us both as colleagues, partnering to explore the work that you bring to our sessions. Together we will deconstruct how you think, speak and act in counselling and explore the the different knowledges, influences, theories, discourses, beliefs, values, and socio-political perspectives that inform your practice.

 What we produce in these conversations will offer some new directions or ideas in your work together. I look forward to learning more about what supervision means to you and how you envisage our supervision relationship might work. I am also interested in the past experiences you have had with supervision and how these might shape our work together.

I offer supervision online using Zoom meeting software.  Fees for a 50-60 minute supervision session are $130.00.  I am happy to invoice the agency or educational institute you work for directly if needed.